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The Need For Calm Reflection Before Signing Your Divorce Settlement

Whether you are finalizing an agreement as a prelude to divorcing, either through the collaborative divorce process, through mediation, or through traditional divorce litigation, your attorney and you must take the time to make sure what you think you are agreeing to is clearly stated in the settlement agreement. For divorce professionals, the ending phase… Read more »


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5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Divorce Lawyer

While there are many things you should ask your divorce lawyer, you should really also ask yourself many things such as simply “do I feel good about him or her.” There is often not much time to decide upon which lawyer to choose, so your gut instinct may be your best guidepost. But to help… Read more »

Can An Attorney Who Litigates Divorce Cases Also Be A Collaborative Divorce Attorney?

While there is a definite advantage to both parties going through a divorce to settle their issues amicably, which is usually through the collaborative divorce process, or through mediation, you should not think that an attorney who is formally trained to represent clients in a Collaborative Divorce is somehow “weaker” or “less competent” than a… Read more »

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