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Civil Litigation

Serving the Middlesex, Monmouth, Union, and Ocean county areas for many years, we know the extent of work and effort that is affiliated with civil litigation. The term civil litigation refers to court work in a non-criminal related matter, from initial advice through the enforcement of judgment. For example, if two different parties become involved in a dispute looking for either money or a “specific action” to be performed, the result is a civil litigation trial.


Types of Civil Litigation:

The amount of disputes that civil litigation covers is staggering, but most litigators specialize in two or three specific areas. A couple common fields include:

• Divorce lawsuits
• Workers’ compensation claims
• Personal injury claims
• Landlord/tenant disputes
• Product liability lawsuits
• Intellectual property disputes
• Medical malpractice claims
• Employment and labor disputes
• Real estate lawsuits

In the simplest of explanations, civil litigation is the legal process in which criminal charged and penalties are not an issue.


Civil Litigation Lawyer

As there are so many types of civil litigation, the role of a civil litigation attorney is both challenging and diverse. If falls upon the attorney to fight on behalf of his client for the best possible outcome.

As such, it is important for any civil litigation attorney to have the following skills:

• Knowledge of substantive and procedural law
• Strong written and oral advocacy
• Analytical and logical reasoning
• Negotiation skills
• Knowledge of legal research techniques
• Client development skills

There are several stages to a civil litigation case, including investigations, pleadings, discovery, proceedings, settlement, and appeal. It is up to the attorney to use all the skills and information at their disposal to procure the best outcome for their client.

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