Domestic Partnership

domestic partnership

Domestic Partnership

A domestic partnership is defined as being an interpersonal relationship between two individuals who live together, share a common domestic life, and are not married (to each other or to anyone else). Domestic partnerships are similar to marriage, and can apply to unmarried couples who live together. While domestic partnership is not identical to marriage, it can provide some similar benefits. However, in order to apply for domestic partnership, you must satisfy the registration requirements.

Registration Requirements

Couple who wish to register a domestic partnership in the state of New Jersey must be same sex couples, OR opposite sex couples who are 62 years of age or older. The following requirements must also be met:

1. Share a common residence in New Jersey or in any other jurisdiction provided that at least one of the applicants is a member of a New Jersey State-administered retirement system.

2. Both persons are jointly responsible for each other’s common welfare as evidenced by joint financial arrangements or joint ownership of real or personal property.

3. Both persons agree to be jointly responsible for each other’s basic living expenses during the domestic partnership.

4. Neither applicant is in a marriage or civil union recognized by New Jersey law or a member of another domestic partnership.

5. Neither person is related to the other by blood or affinity up to and including the fourth degree of consanguinity.

6. Both persons have chosen to share each other’s lives in a committed relationship of mutual caring.

7. Neither applicant has terminated another domestic partnership within the last 180 days. (This prohibition shall not apply when the previous partnership ended due to the death of the other partner.)

Domestic Partnership Benefits

Being in a domestic partnership provides you and your partner with some of the legal benefits that marriage provide. Some common benefits include:
• Ability to get coverage on a family health insurance policy

• Right to family leave for a sick partner

• Right to bereavement leave

• Visitation rights in hospitals and jails

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